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Archived News

The news are sorted by dates. The dates are shown in red for the news that are of more significance to me.

16-Oct-2016 Our paper titled "VIP-Tree: An Effective Index for Indoor Spatial Queries" has been accepted by VLDB 2017.
13-Oct-2016 Our paper titled "Reverse k nearest neighbors queries and spatial reverse top-k queries" has been accepted by VLDB Journal.
13-Apr-2016 Wei Song's paper has received The Best Student Paper Award at DASFAA 2016. Well done Wei!
20-Mar-2016 We are organizing the 27th Australasian Database Conference ADC 2016 (in Sydney) featuring a keynote given by Turing Award Winner Prof. Michael Stonebraker.
15-Jan-2016 Shiyu Yang has fulfilled the requirements of PhD. Congratulations Dr. Yang :)
02-Jan-2016 I have been promoted to Senior Lecturer.
22-Dec-2015 We have a research paper ("Efficiently Computing Reverse k Furthest Neighbors"), a tutorial ("Indoor Data Management") and an extended abstract ("kNNVWC: An Efficient k-Nearest Neighbours Approach based on Various-Widths Clustering") accepted by ICDE 2016.
18-Dec-2015 Our paper, "k-Nearest Neighbors on Road Networks: A Journey in Experimentation and In-Memory Implementation", is accepted by PVLDB 2016.
08-Sep-2015 I have been invited to give a talk at Distinguished Lecture Series at APWeb 2015.
15-Aug-2015 I will be giving a tutorial on Influence Computation in Spatial Databases at APWeb 2015.
05-Mar-2015 Our paper, "Optimal Spatial Dominance: An effective search of Nearest Neighbor Candidates", is accepted by SIGMOD 2015.
07-Nov-2014 Our paper "Reverse k Nearest Neighbors Query Processing: Experiments and Analysis" is accepted by PVLDB 2015.
07-Oct-2014 I am serving as publication chair for DASFAA 2015 (Vietnam) and PC co-chair for ADC 2015 (Co-located with SIGMOD in Melbourne). Please consider submitting your papers to these conferences.
27-June-2014 I have received Dean's Award for Excellence in Research by an Early Career Researcher and have been nominated for Vice-Chancellor's Award.
07-Jan-2014 I have funding for one (or two) PhD scholarship(s). Read more here.
24-Dec-2013 We have a paper accepted at EDBT 2014 (another paper is conditionally accepted).
20-Dec-2013 I gave an invited talk at IEEE ICOSST 2014 on Trends in Location-based Services.
16-Oct-2013 We have a paper accepted at ICDE 2014.
13-Oct-2013 We have been blessed with a baby girl named Aroush (means "angel from paradise").
22-Jan-2013 According to an automated ranking system arnetminer.org, I rank 2nd in the world in the area of "data mining/query processing" according to "new star" ranking metric (at the time of writing this). "New star" considers the researchers with academic longevity at most equal to 5 years and ranks them based on their research activities in recent years. See the complete ranking list or a snapshot taken on 22nd of January 2013.
05-Nov-2012 I have received Discovery Early Career Researcher Award worth $375,000 and a Discovery Project (with Dr. Wei Wang) research grant worth $360,000.
22-Oct-2012 I gave a keynote talk at IEEE iToF 2012 on Trends in Location-based Services.
05-sep-2012 Our research paper is accepted by IEEE-TKDE and will appear in the special issue on "Best Papers of ICDE 2012".
14-Aug-2012 I gave commencement speech at UNSW graduation ceremony held on 14th of August 2012. [see video on youtube]
08-May-2012 I have been awarded 2012 Malcolm Chaikin Prize for Research Excellence in Engineering. I am really thankful to my supervisor, Prof. Lin, and my family for all the support.
10-Mar-2012 Our TODS paper titled "Stochastic Skylines" has been accepted.
15-Jan-2012 Our VLDBJ paper titled Efficiently Processing Snapshot and Continuous Reverse k Nearest Neighbors Queries has been accepted.